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High School

You’ve got this! Being a positive influence for your peers, siblings, and community makes you a strong leader. Avoiding substance use and other risky behaviors can impact your future. Remember to be strong, and trust your instincts to make the right choices.

Middle School

It is important to know the facts. Alcohol and other substance misuse are harmful because your brain continues developing until age 25. Finding healthy activities is a great way to handle stress, rather than using substances.

Connect With Your Kids

Talking to your child everyday about their interests keeps you connected and in the loop. Creating a safe, judgment-free space will allow for your child to feel that they can open up to you.

Connect With Your Young Child

Creating conversations around substance use from a young age helps to prevent use as they grow older. It can be as simple as showing your child a prescription bottle and explaining that the only person who should take the medications is the person with their name on the bottle.

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